Your Diary of Achievements and Gratitude

Success Story is created to catch the results of the day and save those achievements. It's an easy 2-minute routine to record your feats and milestones in your personal and professional life. Stop, think and note what you've done today whether you have completed a task and reached a goal, or simply cooked a delicious dinner for your family.

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Record your achievements everyday

Journal memorable moments and feats of the day with your smartphone on the go. With Success Story you will always remember why every day matters.


Turn on notifications for a healthy habit

You won't forget to make a new recording with personal reminders set at any time of the day.


Set a timer not to hesitate

A countdown timer will help you to make a new entry quick and with no doubts when you can't find a reason or time for it. Just 2 minutes and you are done!


Get a reward

New motivational doze after each entry. Keep journaling and discover more exciting quotes everyday.

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